This is what our exhibitors say ...

Mr Hamid Alagheband - AEC-Ravan Ertebat Asr
Managing Director (middle) & Shahin Varasteh, Software Engineering Director

AEC (Access Endless Communication) was established to comply with the growing need for professional telecom engineering solutions. We have been involved in numerous mobile telecommunication projects throughout Iran with our staff of 200 engineers, mainly to provide high standard telecom services such as RF & TV planning, 2G/3G, WiMax, LTE.

With the support of our solutions we contribute to the ever growing Iranian telecom market. Now it is our vision to introduce latest technologies as fast as possible.

We participate at iran telecom innovations to discuss business with our traditional clients and to speak to new ones, also to see what our competitors have in store and to improve our services.

Yeganeh Bidarian - Brand Manager

Rightel is in the Iranian market now for seven years. In 2010 we managed to obtain the required permits to be introduced as the third telecommunications operator in the country with a two-year exclusivity to provide 3G services, in addition to 2G ones. In the meantime we have advanced to offer 4G and 4.5G service in our network.

Presently, RighTel is exerting its best efforts to have a quick entrance into the Iranian telecommunication market, introducing itself as the customer-oriented and innovator operator among other rivals.

We are still the new ones, the pioneers in the market. Among the Iranian providers we offer the best network coverage throughout the country at the best prices. Our messages is clear: We are honest, what we tell our customers is true.

Rightel is offering B2C as well as B2B services. The focus during iran telecom innovations in the field of B2B is Internet of Things. Across different industries this topic is key in developing the country’s industrial production further.

iran telecom innovations provides a great platform to communicate our brand image directly, to get media exposure and to discuss upcoming projects with B2B-customers.

Mr Hossein Taheri – Managing Director
Mr Mohammad Sharif - Manager Telecom & IT Dept
RFS Radio Frequency Systems

RFS is active in Iran since 2005. Our products and solutions are particularly suitable for the Iranian market because of their high quality creating reliable communication. Iranians are quality-minded and the tough environment here also requires high quality. We prefer to cooperate with a local Iranian partner. Participating in professional trade fairs such as iran telecom innovations and advertising in specialized media are the major success factors. With our participation at iran telecom innovations we want to highlight the high quality of our products, which we believe will be a door opener here in Iran. 

Mr Mohsen Sheikhha  – Digital Communication Manager
Mobile Communications Company of Iran (MCI)

Mobile Communications Company of Iran, commonly abbreviated as MCI, had been the first mobile operator in Iran and is still the largest mobile operator in the country in terms of the number of subscribers. MCI is a subsidiary of the Telecommunication Company of Iran.

Our participation as one of the largest exhibitor at iran telecom innovations 2017 provides us best possibilities for effective launches of new technologies and solutions such as Internet of Things. Further we use this event to promote our new claim “Nobody is alone” and to get valuable feedback from our private and business customers in order to improve our services.

Mr Ahmet Erdogan  – Vietfiber B&C Group
Technical Director, Mr Serkan Turker & Mr Bekir Amdinoglu  

B & C Fiber Technology is based in Shenzhen, China. We specialize in production, sales and marketing of fiber optic products and maintain branches and factories outside China in Russia, Spain, Turkey and Vietnam.

Vietfiber has been active in Iran since two years. For us Iran represents one of the most important emerging markets with an extremely high demand for fast and reliable communication.

We understand ourselves as a game changer in this market. We offer high quality fiber optic cards and accessories at reasonable prices. Our brand is already well-known around the world. Here at iran telecom innovations we introduce Vietfiber products. We are very satisfied with our participation so far.

Mr Zeljko Puljic - CEO
Mr Aljosa Ivancic - Vice President Business Development
Mr Alireza Taammoli - Head of Branch Office Tehran
Mr Tohid Abdi - Senior Commercial Executive
Mr Ali Mohseni Ahouei - vlMS/EPC-PM - Iskratel

Iskratel has been active in Iran for three years now. Iran is one of the biggest countries in the Middle East. The Iskratel technologies are well suitable for the Iranian market because of the booming Iranian market for optical solutions. Also the ongoing digitalization of telecom solutions here in Iran provides a great market for us. We believe that the Iranian telecom industry and infrastructure will be modernized and is in need for new equipment service providers. Iskratel’s participation at iran telecom innovations 2017 targets on improving relations with potential clients and introducing our offers to service providers.