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Iran: Latest market news

Iran ICT Market's Annual Turnover at $8.3b
Iran’s ICT market’s annual turnover stands at 350 trillion rials ($8.3 billion), generating 50 trillion rials ($1.19 billion) for the government in taxes and direct incomes.

Iran's Annual Telecom Report Reflects Robust Growth (2017-18)
The ICT Ministry has released the annual indexes of the country’s telecoms sector, which showcase the pervasive nature of technological advancements and the success of President Hassan Rouhani’s policies to enhance Iranians’ access to modern modes of communications. 

Iran’s Game Industry Annual Turnover of $219m, 28 Million Gamers
There are 28 million gamers in Iran, annually generating a revenue of 9.2 trillion rials ($219 million) for the gaming market.
A nationwide survey conducted by the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation in collaboration with the Digital Games Research Center (DIREC) marks the rising number of gamers across the country.

Iran Mobile Phone Imports on the Rise
Iran’s cellphone imports bill for the first two months of the current fiscal which started on March 21 has been released with the total value of the handsets entering Iran standing at $109 million.

And this is what they said ...

Mr. Hamid Alaghehband
Access Endless Communation - Managing Director
The internationally acting company AEC is based in Tehran and complies with professional engineering solutions in the telecommunication field since 2009. The potentials of local talents is enormously and brings us on eye level with worldwide technologies. (...)

US$ 18.5 billion to be invested in the Iranian ICT-sector over the next five years

TCI alone plans to invest USD 306 million in infrastructure in 2018 and 2019  

Bandwidth planned to be 4-folded - Iran getting ready for e-banking and e-government

Local start-ups, ICT and knowledge based companies growing in number and variety

According to the Iranian minister of ICT Minister Jahromi, the Iranian government plans investments of US$ 18.5 billion in the ICT sector over the period of the sixth five-year development plan, starting on 21 March 2017. Alongside this investment, the government is planning for the investment of US$ 15 billion in industries related to ICT. TCI alone plans to invest USD 306 million in infrastructure in 2018 and 2019.
Mobile internet speed increased by 36% in 2017 making Iran the most dynamic country in terms of ITC development encording to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The minister of ICT explained the expansion of access to the high-speed internet over the country: “Currently, around 700 towns and cities have access to 3rd generation and around 350 cities have access to 4th generation mobile internet access. We are planning to increase the countries bandwidth which is currently 4 Gb/s up to 17 Gb/s. Therefore we are ready to enter a new phase of change in many areas including banking.”

“At the moment, many ministries are using the National Broadband Network. The ministry of ICT emphasizes that the development of the National Broadband Network has created more than 100,000 jobs and therefore the electronic government is being pushed further.”