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Iran Tec and Telecom 2017 Highlights

Source: Financial Tribune - December 30, 2017

Iran’s tech and telecoms sector had its fair share of ups and downs in the outgoing year, from Apple removing Iranian apps from its App Store service to MTN’s $750 million investment All said, 2017 was a good year for the local startups, ICT and knowledge-based companies. Startups and knowledge-based firms grew both in numbers and variety of services and telecom companies were able to attract foreign investment.

During the year, average mobile Internet speed increased by 36% reaching 16.74 Mbps and Iran was named “the most dynamic country” in terms of ICT development in Asia by the International Telecommunication Union.

Ministry to increase mobile and landline internet speed

Source: Financial Tribune - Economy, Sci & Tech - Saturday, July 01, 2017

Internet users in Iran will enjoy higher connection speed through mobile phones and fiber optic networks (fiber-to-the-home) with speeds up to 50 times faster than what is currently available.

Barat Qanbari, deputy telecoms minister, said the ministry is focused  on a broadband development plan to increase Internet speed for each user to up to 20 megabytes per second for mobile Internet and up to 100 megabytes for landline Internet subscribers in the next four years, local technology website reported.

The average mobile and fixed-broadband Internet speed in the country is currently about 4 megabytes per second, he said, noting that even the current rate is a considerable leap since launching 3G and 4G mobile Internet.

China's Huawei Gains Network Upgrade Contract In Iran

Source: Editor - May 16, 2017

Huawei and Telecommunication Company of Iran have jointly launched a new project aiming to integrate and upgrade the fixed telephone and mobile telecommunications networks of Iran.

Babak Tarakome, chairman of TCI, said that Huawei has organized seminars for Iranian technical staff that will assist Chinese enterprises to implement the project. A new program, which will improve project implementation efficiency and integrity, has been designed and launched in cities like Tehran. Tarakome revealed that TCI is purchasing equipment needed for the project; however, no further detail was given.

The whole project includes two parts: IP network integration and packet optical transport network.

Tarakome said by integrating the fixed telephone and mobile telecommunications networks, they will be able to lower operating costs and improve service quality. Therefore, this project is very favorable for TCI's future. On the completion of the project, the telecom network of Iran will see a significant improvement and TCI can provide services anytime, anywhere via the integrated and fully automated system.

Full financial details of the deal were not released by either party.

Time to invest in Iran?

Source: CommsMEA - March 8, 2016

According to the latest study by Frost and Sullivan, the 2025 strategic economic plan aimed at doubling the Iran economy from the current USD 415 billion in the next decade necessitates investments to the tune of USD 1.5 Trillion. The country thus ‘epitomizes an untapped and fully resplendent goldmine that is fast attracting the attention of global opportunity miners’.  (…)

Iran to see arrival of MVNOs amid other reforms to telecoms sector – R&M

Source: - October 16, 2017

Mobile services are widely available in Iran, with services on offer from three major mobile network operators - MCI, MTN Irancell and Rightel - which are able to offer services on a national basis.

In March 2017 competition in the mobile sector was set to increase further with the country's largest ISP, Shatel Group, reportedly given permission to begin offering full MVNO services in Iran. It would operate under the brand name Shatel Mobile. HiWeb, which signed a partnership deal with Vodafone Group in October 2016, was also awarded a licence from the CRA to offer SIM cards under a local brand name. (…)

Iran's tech boom: Amid blocks on Apple, Facebook, Google, new apps are emerging

Source: ZDNet - Damian Radcliffe for Heat Sink - June 12, 2017

Serving a largely young and educated population, Iran's tech startups are on the rise.

"I want the world to look at Iran as a positive opportunity," says Niki Aghaei a creative consultant in Tehran, as she outlines how her home country has undergone massive digital and tech growth in the past few years.

According to data published by We Are Social, the number of internet users in Iran increased by 21 percent last year, driven by a surge in 3G and 4G users. In a country of 80 million people, despite this uptake, there remains considerable scope for growth, given that only 40 percent of mobile connections are currently on 3G and 4G networks.

The development of new services, local startups, and in-app services within popular messaging applications like Telegram may all help to maintain this momentum (…)

MTN to invest $295 million in Iran's telecom market

Source: CommsMEA - May 10, 2017

MTN Group is going to invest more than $295 million in Iranian Net, a fixed line broadband network in which it is to buy an initial 49 per cent stake, according to a Reuters report. 

The deal extends MTN's interests in the Iranian telecoms market that has opened up to foreigners following the lifting of international sanctions, which has also allowed MTN to repatriate $1 billion in accumulated dividends from its 49 pe rcent stake in wireless network operator Irancell. (…)